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First n’goni song.

The latest upload @ planet n'goni is... Sinte Konofe.

It is often the first kamale n'goni groove you will learn in Burkina Faso.

Sinte Konofe is very popular in Burkina. It is about a bird who has no breasts and still she can raise her young ones! African poetry?

When i started to play n'goni i was playing on a kamale n'goni from Burkina. I borrowed it from a friend of mine. I searched on the internet for anything that had something to do with n'goni. I came about this song and so it was my first n'goni song too!

Click here to see my first n'goni song

It is now more than five years ago and i am so happy with what the kamale n'goni has brought me! It is such a special instrument!

With my band PaPa GoNi we made a very nice song of this popular groove Sinte Konofe

Lauriane Ghils plays the kamale n'goni nice and sweet!

Even though my preference goes to Mali grooves.. the kamale n'goni grooves from Burkina are also awesome!

Thanks for reading this!

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Michiel Moerkerk