About the Kamale N'Goni

Long ago, there was a woman from Mauritania. She invented a string instrument. Many West African string instruments have emerged from this instrument. Like the Kamale N’goni. The Kamale N’goni has descended from the Donso N’goni. An instrument of the hunters from West Africa, who used it for their rituals and dances.At a certain moment the new generation did not dance on the Donso N’goni anymore. The young people asked for something new, something they could dance to.    And there was the Kamale N’goni, the young men’s harp/guitar! A pentatonically tuned instrument made of a gourd, strung with a goat or deer skin and with the number of strings ranging from 8 to 16.

The Kamale N’goni has a specific sound and technique. The instrument invites improvisation.

About Planet N'Goni

This website is suitable for people who want to start playing kamale n’goni as for advanced players. The videos are divided into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced grooves and various backing tracks of high quality to play along. Separate a chapter on Techniques and Exercises. Before you start it is advisable to first view the introduction chapter. This way you immediately know the system of string numbers that we use in the videos. Nice to know!  New video’s every month. You can also find us on Facebook with a closed community attached to it, Instagram and YouTube. Nice to share n’goni information. It is also possible to order a kamele n’goni from us. They look great and they sound amazing.
Welcome all at planetngoni.com

About Michiel

From a young age my love for rhythm and music was clear. Started with drums and conga, the African percussion came on my path. For many years I have dedicated myself to the djembé and doundouns. When the Kamele N’goni crossed my path, i was immediately touched by the instrument. The beautiful sound and the combination of the fierce percussive on the one hand and the meditative soft character on the other. An instrument for dancing and relaxing!

In 2013 I founded the band PaPa GoNi. A band with an eclectic sound that encourages dancing, listening and easily conquers your heart. The music is based on the Kamale N’goni. 

The Kamale N’goni is incredibly rich with many possibilities. Western modern inventions have made the instrument attractive worldwide.
As a musician I develop myself by creating, discovering and with great interest and respect for the origin of the instrument.
N’goni players that I have learned from and who inspire me are Joris Feuilattre, Abou Diarra, Harouna Samake, Youssouf Daba Diarra and Adama Coulibaly.
I live with my two children in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and I love ferns and gorillas.