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It was mind-blowing for me! When I started playing kamale n'goni I never heard of this string crossing technique.

Passing trough the strings with thumb or index finger? I just could not believe it! And also my first kamele n'goni would not allow me to without getting sore knuckels..

String crossing is a common technique in Mali. It is very nice and powerful. It will give your kamale ngoni playing a boost.

It is not very easy. It takes time and devotion to develop this technique, but it is worthwhile!

Somehow it means a lot to me. In my opinion, this distinguishes the kamele ngoni from other string instruments like the Kora.

I often hear and read that the kamale n'goni is almost the same as a Kora, with fewer strings or more easy to play..

Not for me at all! As my Malian teacher says: the two do not talk to each other!

Although it requires some practise, I would recommend everyone to go StringCrossing!

You will not regret it!

At you will find a lot of grooves and techniques to develop string crossing.

Do not hesitate to take a look at my website and get your free trial!




Here you see a short example of this kamale n'goni technique StringCrossing