Ready for the next step?

IMG 20230110 WA0001 - Planet N'goni - Ready for the next step?

This variation is a good one to start 2023. Have you mastered this one? Close your eyes and play! You find this video in the Intermediate Classroom Lesson 32. Tuning Bminor but as always nice in other tunings to. Annitché.

Traditional time.

1F1579DE 3F40 4459 93D6 97931302580F - Planet N'goni - Traditional time.

This new video is a very nice n’goni tune. A follow up video with a few variations coming soon, so stay tuned. You find this video in the Intermediate Classroom Lesson 30. Annitche.

Sweety Sweets…

png 20220824 203122 0000 - Planet N'goni - Sweety Sweets...

A new groove or not? Yes it is a new one! And very nice to combine it with The Sea. That is why you’ll find it in the Sweetening Out page. It will enrich your n’goni playing. This groove can be very powerful. Sweetening Out the Groove page, Lesson 20. The tuning is Bminor- the … Read more

Sofa Song.

png 20220629 152123 0000 - Planet N'goni - Sofa Song.

Ready to sing with us? This new upload is a ngoni melody inspired by the Sofa rythm. Sofa is a djembe rythm from Guinee. Back in the days the rythm was played for the warriors on horseback. My friend Eef Bresser learned it from Bemba Bangoura. We have put our own spin on it. You … Read more

Planet n’goni Newsletter

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I invite you to subscribe for our Newsletter. Once in awhile i am going to send you the planet ngoni newsletter with … something new. Like a new tuning or extra information about a groove and much more. I would be happy if you subscribe. Thank you. Annitché. Kind regards, Michiel

Zomer Workshop n’goni bouwen.

20210111 153616 0000 - Planet N'goni - Zomer Workshop n'goni bouwen.

*english below Maak je eigen kamale n’goni! Onder begeleiding van Eef Bresser en mij maak je je eigen instrument. Een kamale n’goni met authentieke materialen zoals kalebas en bamboe stok. De bamboe stok geeft een prachtige natuurklank. Het maken van je eigen instrument is heel tof en geeft een extra dimensie. Je legt jezelf er … Read more

New n’goni

webshop foto3 scaled - Planet N'goni - New n'goni

This month i was able to make two beautiful kamale n’gonis. Together with my friend and fellow worker Eef Bresser we build two 10 string kamale n’goni. We built them in the autentic Mali style, with bambu neck. The bambu neck gives the nature sound. The gourds we used are from Niger. Very thick and … Read more

Pump it Up

Papa Goni Albumrelease @Grounds Rdam 020318 4486 - Planet N'goni - Pump it Up

Adding the pulse with your index is super nice. I have been practising this technique for a while. It gives your groove a boost. It is quite a difficult one. Your whole face can participate during practise. Iam planning to make more video’s with this technique. As a member of planet n’goni you will find … Read more