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There are many tunings possible. The groove often determines wich tuning can be used. Some grooves are nice in many tunings, but some grooves need a certain tuning. The lessons @ planet n’goni are tuned in Bminor, Bflat and Siraba. Bminor: B,D,E,F#,A (from the lowest tone) Bflat: Bb, Db, Eb, F, Ab Siraba: A,C,D,F,G I … Read more

The Backing Tracks & Play Alongs

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To keep everything in the right place. Several grooves accompanied by djembe, kalebas and karignan in different bpm. You will also find high quality Play Alongs, where you play your n’goni groove with the music of PaPa GoNi.

Sweetening out the Grooves

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A groove well mastered? Time to sweeten it out. Very cool video’s to enrich your playing. In this Classroom there are also video’s with Breaks to add to your music.

Advanced Grooves

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The techniques and timing are often more difficult to learn in these video’s. It will take some time and devotion to learn the grooves in this chapter. It is worthwhile for sure.

Intermediate Grooves

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The grooves are a bit more difficult to play. It will take some time to practise to play more difficult techniques at youre kamale n’goni. This chapter contains very sweet grooves, but also a few super nice traditional grooves. You will also find follow-up lessons from the Basic Classroom

Basic Grooves

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Here you find grooves more easy to learn and very nice to play. The grooves are nice to add your own variantions when you are ready. Get into the groove.

Techniques and exercises

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This chapter is about the differnt techniques to play your Kamale Ngoni. You learn how to cross trough the strings en flagiolettes (harmonics). You will also find some exercises. In this classroom there is also a nice video how to change youre tuning easily. And a few more extra’s 😉


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In this classroom you will find video’s about different tunings, how to hold your instrument and the system we use to explain wich string to play step by step. And a few extra’s