Workshop Kamale n’goni Harouna Samaké

The grandmaster of the kamale n'goni is coming to the Netherlands. Harouna Samake is considered number one of Mali's  kamale n'goni players. For years he played with Salif Keita. Harouna is a very good and patient teacher. You don't want to miss this four-hour workshop. Harouna is a true craftsman and will help you a lot in your ngoni playing. This is a unique opportunity to learn from him and boost your music playing.
The location of Eef and Gonny is also very nice to spend a day with.
The healthy lunch is made by Gonny. She makes a delicious soup with filled bread, spinach pie with egg and salad for us. Gonny certainly also uses herbs and plants from her own garden for this.

Time: 12.00 - 14.00
14.00 - 15.00 lunch
15.00-17.00 workshop

Cost: For this workshop day of 4 hours including lunch, coffee and tea you pay 95 euros.

Register in advance via



Master of the instrument.

Iam very excited!

Harouna Samake (Mali) is coming to Rotterdam. He played for many years with Salif Keita. He is one of the best kamale n'goni players of Mali. And.. he visit my town.. Rotterdam! And yes he want to share his brilliant talent with us!

On Wednesday july 3th we organise a workshop Kamale N'goni. This is a big opportunity, so don't miss it! It starts on 19.30 till 22.30. Adres: Grondherendijk 54, Onder aan de Dijk, Rotterdam. Price: 30 euro. Free parking.

Right now he is on tour with his own band. They will perform on july 6th at the Afrika Festival Herthme in Borne, Holland.

Here you see Harouna Samake in action



Vienna N’goni weekend!

Kamale N'goni weekend in Austria!

After the Ngoni in de polder weekend in Holland, it is time to go to Vienna.

I am looking forward to this. Together with Adama Dicko I will give workshops kamale n'goni and we will give a concert.

May 17, 18 & 19th in Vienna.

You can sign up here:

Hope to see you.





N’goni Weekend in the Polder

N'goni weekend in Holland!

I am happy to announce that there will be a kamale n'goni weekend in The Netherlands!

March 30th and 31th in Mijnsheerenland. In the flyer below you can find all the info.

There are a few places left so do not wait and sign up @

I am looking forward! Ngoni time


It was mind-blowing for me! When I started playing kamale n'goni I never heard of this string crossing technique.

Passing trough the strings with thumb or index finger? I just could not believe it! And also my first kamele n'goni would not allow me to without getting sore knuckels..

String crossing is a common technique in Mali. It is very nice and powerful. It will give your kamale ngoni playing a boost.

It is not very easy. It takes time and devotion to develop this technique, but it is worthwhile!

Somehow it means a lot to me. In my opinion, this distinguishes the kamele ngoni from other string instruments like the Kora.

I often hear and read that the kamale n'goni is almost the same as a Kora, with fewer strings or more easy to play..

Not for me at all! As my Malian teacher says: the two do not talk to each other!

Although it requires some practise, I would recommend everyone to go StringCrossing!

You will not regret it!

At you will find a lot of grooves and techniques to develop string crossing.

Do not hesitate to take a look at my website and get your free trial!




Here you see a short example of this kamale n'goni technique StringCrossing

First n’goni song.

The latest upload @ planet n'goni is... Sinte Konofe.

It is often the first kamale n'goni groove you will learn in Burkina Faso.

Sinte Konofe is very popular in Burkina. It is about a bird who has no breasts and still she can raise her young ones! African poetry?

When i started to play n'goni i was playing on a kamale n'goni from Burkina. I borrowed it from a friend of mine. I searched on the internet for anything that had something to do with n'goni. I came about this song and so it was my first n'goni song too!

Click here to see my first n'goni song

It is now more than five years ago and i am so happy with what the kamale n'goni has brought me! It is such a special instrument!

With my band PaPa GoNi we made a very nice song of this popular groove Sinte Konofe

Lauriane Ghils plays the kamale n'goni nice and sweet!

Even though my preference goes to Mali grooves.. the kamale n'goni grooves from Burkina are also awesome!

Thanks for reading this!

Do not hesitate to register @ and get your free trial!



Michiel Moerkerk



Kamele N’goni, Kamale N’Goni, Kamelen N’goni, Kamalen N’goni..?

The moment i stepped into the world of the "Young mens harp", i discovered multiple spellings.

Uhmm wich spelling is the right one? Kamele n'goni, kamale n'goni, kamelen n'goni, kamalen n'goni..?

My preference went immediately to kamale n'goni, i don't know why. But kamele n'goni is very common too!

I asked a friend of mine, Onno van Tongeren. He knows a lot about these things:)

What is the right spelling? Kamele n'goni or kamale n'goni?

His answer was very clear. "African languages are originally spoken languages, with many local accents.

How are you going to write down these things..? And wich sound do you choose? And moreover, many sounds do not match ours.

The same with the djembé, djimbe, jembe, djembee, djenbe or the SouSou word Sangbanji."

We ourselves @Planet N'goni use the spelling kamale n'goni instead of kamele n'goni.

It's personal preference only and nothing else!


Thanks for reading this!


Michiel @planet n'goni




Tam Tam Rotterdam Dutch local Event.

Zaterdag 13 oktober vindt de zesde editie van Tam Tam Rotterdam plaats in wijkgebouw Het Klooster Oude Noorden: een dag vol Afrikaanse dans en muziek. Natuurlijk zijn er heel veel trommels. Stergast is de uit Burkina Faso afkomstige multi-instrumentalist Adama Bilorou Dembele. Hij verzorgt workshops Djembe en zal ’s avonds optreden met de band Roffa Foli. Ik zelf geef een workshop Kamale n'goni. Het is een open les voor alle niveaus. Heb je geen kamale n'goni? Geen probleem er zijn n'gonis aanwezig!

Tam Tam is niet alleen bedoeld om te luisteren, maar juist ook zelf om mee te doen. ‘s Middags met de gratis workshops voor beginners op de djembe en Ngoni door PlanetNgoni en ’s avonds met de dans van Serge Badoué.Onze speciale gast is Adama Bilorou, afkomstig uit Burkina Faso. Hij was solist bij het Nationale Ballet van Ivoorkust. In 2001 werd hij erkend als de beste drummer van zijn generatie. Hij werkte samen met vele grote namen als zoals Salif Keita, Alpha Blondy, Ray Lema, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Paco Sery, Manu Dibango, Toure Kunda, Seckou Keita, Trilok Gurtu, en Mamadi Keita .

Geniet van deze dag met muziek, dansen, lekker eten en gezelligheid. Tam Tam is een plek voor interculturele ontmoeting. Kom ook naar deze swingende dag.
Zie je daar 13 oktober!